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Mokulana Storybook and CD

Mokulana Storybook and CD
Here is the long-awaitied CD Version of Leon & Malia's Classic Storybook/Record, Mokulana. This is what started the series of Hawaiian Awareness recordings by Leon & Malia. This Limited Edition Storybook/CD includes all the wonderful original illustrations, great Mokulana songs and enchanting narrations on a digitally re-mastered CD, tucked inside. If you are new to Mokulana, discover this mythical mysterious floating island, Mali'u the wise Menehune, Hawaii's "finned and feathered friends" and the songs that moved and inspired a generation of Hawaii's children. If you are part of the "Mokulana Generation" who grew up on these songs, let us hear from you! You were a special part of the original wave of famous kids music from Hawaii! Write us with your memories and comments!